Katie's Blog 8/30/11

Katie’s Blog 8/30/11

Yesterday afternoon I stopped in to visit one of my sponsors, John Perry, who owns JP’s Paint & Body Works. They have been so amazing and sponsor all the paint on my bikes. It has been such a huge help to us, and has saved... [+]

Katie's NHRA Blog 8/16/11

Katie’s NHRA Blog 8/16/11

I have to say this has been one interesting month. I flew to Toronto, Canada a couple weeks ago to go visit my boyfriend Mark, in Barrie, Ontario. I left town a little early on Wednesday evening so I could go spend some time with... [+]

Katie's NHRA Blog 8/8/11

Katie’s NHRA Blog 8/8/11

It took me a little while to gather my thoughts from Sonoma. After the race I was disappointed that we didn’t qualify, of course, but I also had a lot of other emotions. The word I have used a lot and other people have used... [+]

Sullivan Racing 2011 Mile High Nationals Preview

Sullivan looking to tame the mountain at the Mile High Nationals Corning, CA – While the 2011 race season hasn’t been filled with positive results on paper for the Sullivan Racing/K&N Filters Pro Stock Motorcycle Team, it has however been very productive. They know that... [+]

Katie's NHRA Blog 7/16/11

Katie’s NHRA Blog 7/16/11

I am sitting at my desk trying to do homework, and all I can think of is being back on that race track. I am so excited for Denver. As I have said before, I have had a lot of time this season to think... [+]

Katie's NHRA Blog 6/22/11

Katie’s NHRA Blog 6/22/11

Life has still been going full throttle for me, even though I haven’t been racing very much this year. I am so busy between school and staying on top of things for Tough Girl Designs. Even though we haven’t been racing much, the work still... [+]

Katie's NHRA Blog 6/13/11

Katie’s NHRA Blog 6/13/11

In all the years that I have been racing so far this year has been the least amount of passes I have ever made down the track in a season. Which may sound funny at 20 years old, but I have been racing for about... [+]

Katie's NHRA Blog 6/1/11

Katie’s NHRA Blog 6/1/11

I remember when I was probably about 13 and I was in the points chase at Redding Drag Strip in the Jr. Dragster class. It came down to the last race and the semi final round. I had been neck and neck in the points... [+]